Center for Moms is an independent, non-profit organization established to support mothers and advocate for their rights.


We focus on five areas:


Labor Rights for Moms

If a woman is a mother or wishes to become one, she must be able to work or apply for a job without facing discrimination. We are passionately dedicated to the right to work and fair labor environment. We also advocate that all women should be familiar with their labor rights and know how to exercise them.


Connecting moms


We organize workshops for moms on questions moms face daily: balancing between family and other responsibilities and obligations, professional growth and trainings, communication, conflict management, nutrition and project management and the list goes on. Our workshop provides a forum to discuss these critical issues and create a community in which moms have the opportunity to exchange their opinions, experiences, challenges, and successes.


Moms Entrepreneurs Bazaar


We organize Moms Entrepreneurs Bazaar in order to support and promote moms entrepreneurs, to connect them with one another and to present to the public great things these moms create. We have organized four Bazaars until today.


Human rights of pregnant women and new mothers


We advocate that every pregnant woman must have a dignified delivery. We believe that pregnant women and new moms must be respected, that they need to have freedom of choice, but also that moms need to be familiar with their rights. We’ve started the struggle to change things with the campaign Sloboda RađanjuFreedom of Giving Birth and we’ll have finished it when every woman who gives birth in Serbia is respected by the medical staff who helps her giving birth and when their actions toward moms get in accordance to law.


Promoting a Healthy and Active Life


We organize exercises and informative sessions on different techniques for healthy life styles. Mothers and their families need to be healthy and happy in order to achieve any other successes in life.


Mothers are the pillar of a society. By supporting mothers, we support the whole community. Center for Moms has been organizing activities since July 2012. The Center is a 100% volunteer based organization.Everything we do, we accomplish without any finances, by connecting people and organizations, thanks to our team members and other like-minded people’s good will, throughout Serbia.