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What are the legal guidelines for maternity leave?
What are your rights as an expectant mother?
What should your compensation be during maternity leave?
Are you subject to discrimination at your work place or while trying to find employment?

Center for Moms advocates no woman in Serbia should be discriminated against just because she became or wishes to become a mother. We believe that motherhood should be a free choice for any woman and that no mother should be forced to choose between her livelihood and motherhood.


We believe that a society of equal opportunities for all is the only right way and that enacted law must be honored. We also believe that all employees contribute in their own way, and only companies with people of diverse backgrounds and life experience can be productive and truly successful.


We trust that no woman must or should choose between career and family and that with good organization and the support of the community at large, she can make anything work in her favor.


Considering that the reality for mothers in Serbia is full of challenges and that labor law, which guarantees their rights, is uncertain at times, Center for Moms offers legal assistance.


If you have any dilemmas or questions regarding your labor rights, please contact us at
We will provide you with free legal counseling if you have questions regarding:

-employment and work discrimination

-harassment at work

-obtaining and implementing employment rights


Legal counseling on labor rights started two years ago, through our cooperation with Legal Clinic of Union Law School. Today, our legal team is made of nine lawyers who, until now, voluntarily gave over 500 legal advises to moms from across Serbia.


In addition to counseling via e-mail, our team, for more than two years, responds to all the readers questions on web portal  Yumama.


If you are not sure what are your labor rights or feel that you are discriminated because you are a mom, please contact us.